Monday, February 19, 2018

Elevator Interiors | Panel Systems

The following ‘Systems’ are our recommended elevator interior wall paneling styles for ordering through our online order form. These four styles are our most popular designs, although we are certainly willing to discuss other options to meet your custom cab needs. Please see our photo Gallery for further examples.

System 1- Comprised of vertical panels often wrapped in plastic laminate or patterned stainless steel, though you are not limited to these choices. Complimentary reveals and base will be chosen as well. This is our most popular design and is our budget- friendly option. You may choose your material, color, and finish by visiting our Materials and Finishes page for links to our suppliers. Feel free to choose from our green-line of laminates for a discount.

System 2- Cultivate your creative side with our two- tone design consisting of one material, style, color, or pattern for the bottom panel (s) and another material, style, pattern, or color for the top panel (s). With your one of a kind design, your tenants will marvel as they ride up in their lighter, brighter renovated cabs wondering how they’ve gone without for so long.

System 3- Incorporate our two- material design comprised of one material for the bottom panel (s) and another material, style, pattern, or color for the top panel (s). This is a very popular system for high-traffic elevators given that most opt for textured stainless steel for the bottom panel (s) which is resistant to normal cab wear and tear. Another benefit is the bottom panel can easily be replaced if severe damage does occur.

System 4- Elegance meets resilience when you choose our satin stainless steel stile and rail panel system for your cab interiors. You can select your inset panel material from the variety of options on our Materials and Finishes page. We recommend patterned composite or a warm wood grain laminate to compliment other fine aspects of your buildings interior.


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